Help!!!! Can not execute a perl script with XAMPP

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Help!!!! Can not execute a perl script with XAMPP

Postby johnlamp » 21. December 2005 03:30


Second post.

I have a fedora 3 box which already has a perl installation. I have installed xampp, which comes with its own perl installation. Now I am trying to execute a perl script that requires the perl DBI and DBD mysql (it needs to connect to a mysql databse) The script fails bcuase it can not find DBI. SO I have tried to install perl DBI and perl DBD. I have succesfully install ed perl DBI but can not install DBD-mysql. I get all sorts of errors when trying to make the DBD-mysql file (It needs all sorts of libraries etc.) When running the I have given the path to the mysql_config file in the xampp mysql install and that succeds. However when I execute make it fails. This is maybe because the msyql installation is in xampp.

This is show stopper for my development!

Has anyone had any expeince with updating perl in xampp? Prehaps perl DBI and DBD-mysql should be included with xampp? How can I make my script execute and use the xampp perl installation?

Any help much appreciatd.


Has any one tried

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Postby Francois » 12. January 2006 10:21

If you search in the german forum, there are some explanations. From a previous post:

1. Du brauchst: Das LAMPP-Entwicklungspaket (herunteladen und installieren)
2. Das Perl-Modul herunterladen: ... 026.tar.gz
3. Das Perl-Modul auspacken: tar xvfz DBD-mysql-2.1026.tar.gz
4. In das ausgepackte Verzeichnis wechseln: cd DBD-mysql-2.1026
5. Installation vorbereiten: env PATH=/opt/lampp/bin:$PATH /opt/lampp/bin/perl Makefile.PL --libs="-L/opt/lampp/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient -lcrypt -lnsl -lm -lz" --cflags="-I/opt/lampp/include/mysql"
6. Software übersetzen: make
7. Software testen: make test (ein paar Fehler sind ok)
8. Software installieren: make install (spätestens diesen Befehl als root aufrufen)
9. Das war's

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