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XAMPP for Linux 1.5 and PHP

PostPosted: 06. December 2005 06:50
by dtrud0h
Hello forum,
I have installed xampp/lampp 1.5 and have apache and mysql up and running on PCLinuxOS(a Mandrake derivative). I am using the WEBMIN that is included with my OS and have configured it to run the lampp versions of Apache and mysql it all seems to work fine. I have one virtual server serving up html pages working fine, however when I try to fetch .php pages from the other virt. server I don't get anything. I am using the php4 module (according to /opt/lampp/lampp phpstatus)
Under webmin where do I have to tell the server to allow .php scripts......
example-> Document Options , listed index.php
Mime types , selected /opt/lampp/ (?) etc/mime.types file
php , I don't know what the module opts, and flags do
( returns error on php4 page) from hint.
Please fill in the rest of the blanks, I don'tknow where to go from here.
Any helpwould be appreciated. :?: