ProFTPd Xampp under Fedora Core 4

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ProFTPd Xampp under Fedora Core 4

Postby RoseySoft » 21. November 2005 05:50

Setup ProFTPd with MySQL and ProFTPd_Admin_V0.9 For Xampp. Every thing shows correct execpt for when ftping. You endup in the correct folders but all you can do is view and go into other folders. Can not rename Upload Download Create Directory Nothing but look at it. If there is a folder you can go in to the folder. Any one have any ideas. I start using sampe files that came with it. and start over many times. I just do not know what I'm missing.
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Postby njiggs » 26. November 2005 17:53

try reading the proftpd article at ... e&artid=17

helped me a lot!!
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