cant start postgresql

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cant start postgresql

Postby felicity » 16. November 2005 08:27

i have install postgres addon but when i start it i get this error

"Starting PostgreSQL
This account is currently not available."

what can be the problem.
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Postby deepsurfer » 16. November 2005 17:12

Have you do this way ?


1. tar xfz postgresql-addon-0.X.tar.gz -C /tmp
2. cd /tmp/postgresql-addon

For Start PG: /opt/lampp/lampp startpostgresql

For login from LINK inside in wellcomescreen of xampp
User: root Password: lampp

For Stop PG: /opt/lampp/lampp stoppostgresql
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Re: cant start postgresql

Postby felicity » 21. November 2005 09:00

i hav try that but i cant login :cry:
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Postby njiggs » 26. November 2005 18:02

i have encountered this problem before myself...and this is the solution i used..

step 1)install the PG addon
step 2)change group of user nobody to nogroup (if using gnome, you can do that in main menu->system->administration->users and groups..remember to show all users to show up the user nobody) and also change the shell of nobody to /bin/bash if it is set to some other shell...
step 3)startup PG using /opt/lampp/lampp startpostgresql

(if necessary, you can also chown -R nobody:nogroup /opt/lampp ...i am not sure if this is essential)

hope it helps...

PS: a bit of searching would have given you the answer..the same question has been asked before..most of my method is derived from threads like this one
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