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Strange MySQL Error

PostPosted: 10. November 2005 19:01
by KVron
This occurs in:
XAMPP 1.5 for linux under SuSe 9
XAMPP 1.5 pl1 for Windows XP Pro

The following query works ok:

SELECT STR_TO_DATE('01-10-2005 00:00:00','%e-%m-%Y %H:%i:%s')

The following not (using any database, "cdcol" here for example):

SELECT STR_TO_DATE('01-10-2005 00:00:00','%e-%m-%Y %H:%i:%s') FROM DUAL

and raises the following error (using phpMyAdmin or any PHP script)
#1305 - FUNCTION cdcol.STR_TO_DATE does not exist

I used "FROM DUAL" here just to explain the case: Whenever i try to use a DATE TIME function inside a query where a FROM statement appears, this error is raised.

I tested these queries using JAVA and connecting directly to the same databases and all worked ok, so I think this may be some weird problem in PHP communicating with MySQL...

(I tested this using both PHP 5 and PHP 4)

Any help is apreciated, thank you!

Found the bug

PostPosted: 11. November 2005 21:58
by KVron
Well, actually it seems there is a bug in the current version of phpMyAdmin....