Something really strange...

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Something really strange...

Postby aleph » 07. November 2005 17:57

Hi guys,

I've just installed XAMMP on my Fedora 4 box and I'm having some troubles accessing a basic Xoops CMS installation from outside my LAN.

I've got a Smoothwall firewall between my LAN and Internet and, of course, I've forwarded port 80 from ANY incoming IP to port 80 of my fedora box.

Now I'm in my office and when I connect to my web server at home I can see immediately the standard XAMMP pages.

If I try to see the xoops installation (http://myip/xoops-2/html/) I can see immediately the page name (XOOPS Site - Powered by You!) but then it gets about 30 mins to just get the login page without images. Most of the times it just times out.

From within my LAN the Xoops installation is easily accessible, fast and works very well.

What I'm doing wrong? Why the standard XAMMP pages are displayed so fast and the other folders are not?

Thanks for help.
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