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Suse Enterprise 9 with XAMPP for Linux 1.5.0

PostPosted: 06. November 2005 22:09
by krelvinaz
I setup a Suse 9 server last night for the first time and decided to pull over the new Xampp or Linux and give is a whirl...

So far no problems at all... I was able to reconfigure it to my current tastes without any hassels... Everything appears to be working that I've done so far though I've not played with any Mysql on that box yet.

PostPosted: 06. November 2005 22:29
by krelvinaz
One thing that I found really confusing was the name change of the product from Xampp to Lampp ??

Not sure I understand why that is... since the product is XAMPP right ?

Switching beween the Solaris version on one box which has everything in xampp and then to the suse box which has everything in lampp, plus the start script xampp vs lampp is a bit confusing.