MySQL unavailible

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MySQL unavailible

Postby Erwan » 02. November 2005 00:38

Hi there!

Well all was working fine but now....

OK so I am running PHP-nuke on my sever using xampp. All was fine untill I ran the security script for xampp. What happens now when I try to access my website it comes up with

"There seems to be a problem with the MySQL server, sorry for the inconvenience.

We should be back shortly."

Yet mySQL start properly, and I can access phpmyadmin fine. I reloaded my databse from a backup and still the same thing. Is there anyway to "un"-secure it again temporarly to see if that was infact the problem?


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Postby deepsurfer » 02. November 2005 00:55

try to switch xampp to PHP4 , i know of phpNuke Versions that dont work with PHP5..
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Postby Erwan » 02. November 2005 01:02

I tried that as well, same thing.

If I wanted to just re-install xampp so that is start as a fresh install, can I just del the


folder? and then reinstall it? or does it change other system settings that need to be removed?

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Postby krelvinaz » 02. November 2005 05:21

Make sure you export your databases first.
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Postby DerUnglaublicheFloonsh » 03. January 2006 14:42

hmm i got the same problem after changing the password of MySQL's root user, try setting it back to whatever worked before
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Postby schonning » 05. January 2006 19:40

I had to add the root password in cds.php for it to work after running the security script.

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dsl@box:/opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp$ more cds.php

Maybe you need to add your new password to the nuke script?
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