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Rails for XAMPP

Postby townxelliot » 01. November 2005 13:24

Hello all. I've been doing some tinkering, and now have a Rails installer for XAMPP on Linux (Ubuntu Hoary in my case). It basically compiles Ruby, Gem, FastCGI (including changes to the Apache configuration file), Ruby bindings for FastCGI, Ruby MySQL integration, installs Rails and its dependencies, Rake and RedCloth, all into the /opt/lampp directory. I've also made a couple of patches to Rails source files to localise it to XAMPP (e.g. so the generators find the MySQL socket, and so FastCGI is used by default), and added an automatically generated sample application (simple email directory) with XAMPP styling :)

I haven't thoroughly tested every nook and cranny yet, and haven't made it publicly palatable (e.g. I haven't tracked all the dependencies for doing the compilation, and I'm not sure what all the Ruby configure flags do), but if anyone is interested, you're welcome to my script. Collaborators are welcomed. I'd like to see Rails integrated fully into XAMPP (though I'm not sure if I'm the person to do it), so that there's a one-click installer for it comparable to the ones available on Windows and Mac. XAMPP seems like a good base for an effort like this. Whatever, I'm going to find it pretty useful!
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Postby Ashtonium » 28. November 2005 15:33

I am interested in your work on this, post a link to your code & hopefully others will contribute to it.
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Postby townxelliot » 14. December 2005 15:46

Hello there,

Sorry I haven't posted sooner. I have completed work on the scripts to extract the changed files from a XAMPP install, so I will shortly be providing a tarball which can be dropped onto a standard XAMPP install. This plus a patch to httpd.conf will set everything up for you. I will post here again when I have found a home for it.

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Postby Pie » 20. December 2005 17:29

It's been a week, any improvements?

Really after this
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Postby townxelliot » 20. December 2005 18:52

Finally got round to putting my files online. Sorry about the wait.

I've put some rudimentary instructions, plus all the required files, onto my site at:


(NB this is a new domain, so you might have problems with it resolving in your DNS. If the name doesn't resolve, try http://nooq.co.uk/ instead.)

Let me know how you get on, and whether it works on your setup (I did the compilation on Ubuntu Breezy with XAMPP 1.5.0).

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Postby zheka » 22. December 2005 22:10


the tarbol worked for me

thank you verymuch!
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