MySQL 5.0 is out

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MySQL 5.0 is out

Postby ascheinberg » 24. October 2005 16:56

XAMPP was on the cutting edge with MySQL 4.1. That was a big jump that involved changing tables.

MySQL 5 was released today, and although I'm not pushing for its immediate inclusion, it would be nice to know when XAMPP might move to MySQL 5. It includes some GREAT improvements, to name a few: Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures, a BIT data type, two new storage engines, including the very fast "ARCHIVE" engine, and more.

Any thoughts?
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Postby Oswald » 24. October 2005 22:53

Dear Adam!

We are working on it. At the moment we've problems with our upgrade
packages (getting MySQL 4.1 smoothly to 5.0 seems not as easy as it
should be), but the first beta version will be out the day after
tomorrow (as far we can say). So the final versions are out about a week later.

Many greetings
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Postby LazyOne » 25. October 2005 00:05

sounds great! :) and thx for your work, again and again.
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