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MySql on Fedora 4 - Help

PostPosted: 25. September 2005 19:50
by flaviove
Hi All

I´ve been trying to get MySql(XAMPP) up on a Fedora 4 box with no success. On a Fedora 3 box everything is working smooth.
After "lampp start <enter>" the screen shows the server up and running

XAMPP: Starting Apache with SSL....
XAMPP: Starting MySQL.....
XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD....
XAMPP for Linux started

but when I try to use phpMyAdmin a screen with error 2002 appear.
If I go to a terminal and type mysql <enter> the prompt "mysql>" appear.

Any help will be great.
Thanks in advance.

Flavio Veras

PostPosted: 26. September 2005 10:33
by flaviove
Ok people,

I've got the answer. When I installed my Fedora4 box, the MySQL was installed too and it was starting during the boot. After stop the service evething went back on the right track.
Sorry about that :?