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Add perl xml::parser, XML::Simple, Compress:Zlib to lampp

PostPosted: 09. September 2005 13:29
by anty
How do you install these modules (xml::parser, xml::simple, compress::zlib, DBI) to lampp?

I have to set up a website which use these perl modules but apache don't start because apache don't find them.

PostPosted: 09. September 2005 13:33
by Wiedmann
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cpan> install XML::Parser

PostPosted: 09. September 2005 13:42
by anty
Thanks for you answer. I think a connection internet is needed to use CPAN. And my server is not directly connected to internet. It's an intranet server :(. Do you think it's possible to do this install whitout internet?

PostPosted: 09. September 2005 13:47
by Wiedmann
Shure. You can donwload the missing packages on another pc and install the package without CPAN.

You should read the CPAN documentation and the README/install documentation from the package you need.