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access from other computers in network

PostPosted: 01. September 2005 21:07
by njiggs
i am a college student using suse 9.3 pro(32 bit) computer is part of a lan setup..i wish to run a website of my own on my computer which can be accesible from others inside the, have installed lampp-1.4.14..all has gone well..i am able to access my computer from my own computer..but not from any other computer on the network..(nothing comes up when i type my (internal)ip address on any other comp..the browser says connecting but then a timeout comes)..

as we are behind a proxy server, i tried adding my ip address to the list of no-proxy sites in the browser settings, still it says only connecting..and then timeout..

is there something that i need to change to make it work? can someone guide me with this?

PostPosted: 01. September 2005 21:21
by Wiedmann
Maybe there is a firewall aktive on your Suse?

PostPosted: 01. September 2005 21:43
by njiggs
ok..i will try disabling the firewal and get back to you..

PostPosted: 01. September 2005 22:09
by njiggs
thanks for the tip..

somehow, even without disabling the firewall, it worked :)

but one thing was that i restarted suse and though i added the 2 symbolic links to make lampp start when suse boots up but it dint work out quite..i had to manually start lampp after suse booted up..any idea why this is happening?

PostPosted: 01. September 2005 22:43
by Wiedmann
AFAIK there is something in the german part of the forum about this.