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Failing login to localhost/xampp

PostPosted: 30. August 2005 02:47
by elnonio
I thought I must have changed my default password for root and my main user bc I am unable to login to the page.

Fortunately, my startup script still gets the database started and my main script user can log in. That way, I can see that the password for root and the other main user are still set to what I thought they were.

So, since the mysql passwords for those users are still valid, any ideas why I can't get through?

I'm a fairly novice user, so feel free to educate me!


PostPosted: 31. August 2005 07:38
by Kristian Marcroft

first of all, you should mention that your talking about MySQL/phpMyAdmin.
Second of all, you could eset your Password by either starting up MySQL without the priv. tables. or just use /opt/lampp/lampp wizard with the codeword bluesky.

this will reset all your set Password via /opt/lampp/lampp security

So long

PostPosted: 31. August 2005 12:42
by elnonio

Actually I wasn't. I was talking about logging in to the Xampp pages, which in turn allow you to use the phpMyAdmin pages.

I thought, mistakenly, that the privileges for the Xampp pages would come from mysql, and that's why I brought up the mysql users and their passwords.

Running the security script jogged my memory (it tells you the default user is lampp, not root).