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Help in sendmail function !!!

PostPosted: 26. August 2005 03:32
by bebear

I'm new in Xampp and i just install xampp 1.4.14 in my Linux Red Hat 9.0.

After i install the xampp in my Linux the sendmail function counldn't work. Can anyone advise me on how to solve this problem because the system i'm developing require to send mail.

Just a note, my sendmail function work fine previously until i uninstall my previous Apache 2 server, php n mysql and install the Xampp 1.4.14

Thanks in advance

Raymond Ng


PostPosted: 27. August 2005 15:38
by ascheinberg
Do you actually have sendmail installed and running?

One of the gotchas about XAMPP/Linux is that it's dead simple to get Apache, MySQL, and PHP running, but it takes some effort/skill to get a mail server that works properly.

You'll need to install sendmail or postfix or qmail or any other MTA of your choice. When that's running properly, then you can use the mail() function in PHP.