Cannot access webhost from other computer

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Cannot access webhost from other computer

Postby nickwood » 15. July 2005 16:02

Hi All

I am very new to Linux and have just installed xampp

Now I have called the server "mainserv2". I can access the home page in http://mainser2/ from the server but not from other systems on the network. I can poing the server.

Do I have so set something else up to enable me to access the system?


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Postby yguru » 22. July 2005 09:45

If you use your computers in a private network, you have to let the other computers (clients) 'know' the name of your web server. If you try
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ping mainser2

from your client PC and the name lookup fails (ping: unkown host mainser2), then this is certainly the case. What you can do though is to enter the IP address of your mainser2 as the URL in your client browser. (And if you don't know that one, try ifconfig on your server).
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