Compiling XAMPP from Source

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Compiling XAMPP from Source

Postby Vermithrax » 08. July 2005 17:25

Hi guys,

I was wondering if the XAMPP source was available to download... I'd really like to compile it from source, if possible... Anyone know anything about where to get it? :)

Thanks in advance!
(I run Linux From Scratch, and can't seem to get it running under that OS. :()
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Postby atongen » 14. July 2005 20:03

Any luck on finding the xampp source? If the source is not available, it would be convenient if the configure options were available for Apache, Mysql, etc. (the configure options for PHP are already available in phpinfo()).

I would also like to recompile xampp from source so that I can run it on a Pegasos PPC running Debian Linux.

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Postby Vermithrax » 14. July 2005 21:30

No luck and no replies. ;) I ended up compiling everything from scratch myself, and ended up with my own little package... It's not exactly like Xampp, but it has the same functionality. :) Jeesh, what a chore, though. :P
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 15. July 2005 08:25


tehre is no so called "Source" for XAMPP.
And we can also not really supply you with the configures.
Because it's different everytime.

You will always run into some Problem with every new version of some program that is included in xampp.

So long
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Postby dldinternet » 29. July 2005 03:15

How about making the relevant configurations for each release of XAMPP available with the distributions?
That should not pose any problem right ...

That way somebody on an unsupported platform can take a look at the way you built for one of the supported platform and have at least a good start at building their own XAMPP distro ... :)

Everybody wins right? That is the spirit of this Open Source world ...
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Postby Oswald » 29. July 2005 13:53

Dear dldinternet!

Very good idea. I'll include all configures commands in the next release of XAMPP. You will find them in this file: /opt/lampp/share/lampp/configures.tar.gz

For the ones, who don't want to wait for the next release: You can donwload this file also from ... res.tar.gz

Many greetings and thanks for the good suggestion!!
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Good job!

Postby dldinternet » 29. July 2005 14:00

Thanks for the quick reply and for doing a good job!
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