A couple of errors, PLease help :)

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A couple of errors, PLease help :)

Postby bobbyallen » 01. July 2005 14:14

Hi guys,

I have just installed XAMPP, To be honest im a complete nOOb to Linux, but find it really great :D,

However I have just installed it and tryed to start XAMPP and Im getting these errors:


By the way, Incase it helps I was logged on as ROOT and the verion of linux i am using is Fedora Core 4 ( http://fedora.redhat.com )

Please, Please someone help me, If possible try to give me simple to follow instructions as i say im new to linux, but really want to get into it :),

Please help,


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Postby Wiedmann » 01. July 2005 14:20

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Postby bobbyallen » 01. July 2005 14:38

Wiedmann wrote:http://community.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopic.php?p=52186#52186

Thank you soo much Wiedmann, I didn't think that I had SELinux running, as when I installed my box i disable the Firewall as I knew I wanted to setup server services etc. and knew i would prob get firewall problems,

But mate, your great I disable SELinux and it works fine, Except Im just getting:

ERROR 1! Couldn't start Apache!
Starting diagnose...
Make the httpd.conf fit your system.

But I suppose I just have to change some settings in that config file,

Thank you very much again!

And whoever made the XAMPP package, YOUR AWESOME!

Thanks very much :D
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