adding new users?

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adding new users?

Postby JohnNightwolf » 27. June 2005 07:16

when you add a new user to the system, how can you get the new users public_html to show

I have been trying for days now to get this to work!!

yes I have edited the httpd.conf file to show the user dir public_html and all works well for the users that where put into the system at install but adding new users after install is a no go and I keep getting a Forbidden error

I have even gone thru the apache manual to work out the problem but to no avail
the proftp works great but have no access to the new users public_html

I'm running mandrake 10.2 the new Mandriva Linux LE2005

Is there any one else running into this problem?
and how can I fix this?
Is there any other files I need to edit to get this to work? other then the httpd.conf

I also have xampp on my win xp system for testing and adding new users to that system works great But I would rather run my outside server on linux :wink:

The xampp team has done a great job on these installs of the server software and makes it easy to get a server up and running
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Postby james_666 » 30. June 2005 20:51

chmod the users "home" directory (/home/username) and "public_html" directory to 755
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Postby JohnNightwolf » 30. June 2005 23:29

Thanks so much :D :lol: :P
That did the trick
When adding a new user I didn't reliaze that thier folder was not readible and writible
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