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Just moved to linux with my site

PostPosted: 20. June 2005 12:37
by charles
Hey gang, just wanted to know how my site is working on this version of xampp "lampp"? I used to run the windows version xampp on a 2k box but I was having security issues with the server itself not the software "xampp". I am also having trouble with something else... I want to use a script that uses google api's. but when I try to load the script in any page of the script alone...I get an error stating that it can not redeclair nusoap.... I am wondering what I am doing wrong or what I have to enable/disable in apache config. :)

Here is my site that I now moved to linux and lampp

PostPosted: 26. June 2005 00:12
by jchord
i sugest you secure the /xamp/ pages by going to the shell and going:

cd /
./opt/lampp/lampp security

about the other propblem i have no clue