Mysql users help?

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Mysql users help?

Postby clearscreen » 16. June 2005 16:30

hey can anyone tell me how to add a mysql user with it's own database to xampp? and how can I make the mysql database externally accessable
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Postby JohnNightwolf » 25. June 2005 23:43

Well once you have logged in as root go to Privileges there you will see add user click on that and add the info needed be sure to put the HOST to localhost..
then once that is done creat the database that the user will use or you can do this first, either way works..
Then go back into Privileges to set the user to the database that you created for the user by editing the users info, in there you will see "Add Privileges on the fellowing database:"
Be sure that you donot let the user have total access to the mysql, or you might run into truble. Just let the user have access to the database that you creat for the user

I hope this helped and I hope I explained it right LOL
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