Mysql and PROFTPD....

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Mysql and PROFTPD....

Postby General Nuisance » 09. June 2005 18:37

hey i installed xammp without a problem on RHL 9 but..

i cant upload files it says

200 type set to I
227 entering passive mode (my ip seperated by ,'s)
500 (my file) Permission denied

and when i try to start mysql with the /opt/lampp/lampp start or startmysql it says cannot start mysql another mysql deamon is running...

BUT this was a clean install of RHL 9 and no other mysql was ever on there...
General Nuisance
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Postby RRR » 21. July 2005 12:57

Are you sure Xampp isn't running already ? I had the same problem a while ago. I was certain that nothing was running, but still one of the modules had started, so I ran into problems similar to yours. Did you check with ps -ef to see if any other deamons indeed are running ?
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