setting up multiple websites with host headers and folders

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setting up multiple websites with host headers and folders

Postby scockerham » 21. April 2005 01:28

I am very new to Linux, Apache, PHP and MySql. My experience in hosting has been with IIS4, IIS5 and IIS6. I have always used Access for my databases. On IIS I am very familar with using Host headers.

First time ever to touch Linux.

Setup: Loaded SUSE Linux Enterprize 9 on a Compaq server.

Tried many times to get the website pages to run the test.php page i created with no luck. Did manage to configure MySQL but without the PHP script being read it was useless to me. In my searching came accross XAMPP on the SUSE forum. Downloaded it and everything worked fine.

Ran the security script and installed passwords....still no issues. Added a new databases to MySQL, ran all the test sites included and all the utilities included. ZERO problems.

Started trying to use the now running PHP setup to run phpbb2. extracted the folders to different locations and the index.php will still not run. I get nothing. Then i noticed that i have 2 htdoc files, one in /opt/lampp and one that was installed with the original SUSE.

At this point could someone help me do the following:

1. Get phpbb in the correct place and tell me what i need to do so it will see the php script and run.

2. Divide the Apache server up so i can run 5 - 10 different websites being called with the host header .

3. Set up home folders for those pages that i can let the owner ftp into and install the website they so choice wether it be html, php, ccs etc.

I know this is a tall order and i very much appreciate any help i may recieve. I would like to thank all who respond in advance for your time and patience. Being a network administrator (not a programmer) i do understand how valuable time is.

Thank you again

PS. If you are part of the team and would like to see what is working so far email me at and i will give you the public IP.
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