PEAR Installation

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PEAR Installation

Postby Philip G. Duffy » 21. March 2005 01:27

What additional steps (if any) are required to implement PEAR after the basic XAMPP installation (Linux)?

Phil Duffy
Philip G. Duffy
Philip G. Duffy
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Postby tminus1 » 30. April 2005 13:44

isn't pear in /opt/lampp/bin ?
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Postby rickh57 » 30. April 2005 14:50

I created a little shell script named pear in the /opt/lampp/lib/php directory. Then to install or upgrade additional pear modules, I just need to switch to the directory from a command line and then run "./pear install module" etc.

Here's my shell script:

/opt/lampp/bin/php pearcmd.php $1 $2 $3

For my windows box, I use apache2triad. It has a very nice interactive web based pear management system named webpear.php. I'm going to investigate installing it under xampp.
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Postby hotnuts21 » 18. May 2005 23:22

How did the webpear go? Wouldnt mind something like that, just getting to grips with PEAR now.
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Postby rickh57 » 23. June 2005 05:30

I didn't get too far. I've been to busy being a dad, what with graduations, etc. Maybe sometime this summer, I'll give it another try.
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