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Postby poco153 » 13. March 2005 05:41

First off, many thanks to any and all who helped make XAMPP! It made installing Apache infinately easier.

Now for the problem: I am attempting to install a WebDAV module so that I can sync Mozilla Sunbird to my local server. I downloaded and attempted to install 'mod_dav' but I could not, becasue it cannot find the "base Apache source code directory." The WebDAV documentation says to run the following line:
./configure --with-apache=/usr/local/apache
where "/usr/local/apache" is the directory where apache is.

Am I even trying to install the correct module, and, if so, where is Apache located? I have XAMPP installed in /opt/lampp, like the tutorial says to.

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Postby Oswald » 15. March 2005 00:24

Dear poco153!

XAMPP already contains mod_dav.

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