database problem on migration from Lampp 1.4.9a to 1.4.12

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database problem on migration from Lampp 1.4.9a to 1.4.12

Postby argie01 » 10. March 2005 10:25


I have a problem when I upgrade from lampp 1.4.9a to 1.4.12.
I have several webs running with mysql, php and java. Before to upgrading I did a mysqldump using this command:

mysqldump -A -Q --opt --allow-keywords -uroot -p > /opt/backup.sql

Then, after the new server (new installation) 1.4.12 is running, I recover the databases running this command:

mysql -uroot -p < /opt/backup.sql

But then the problems begins... :) Some webs pages can't connect to its databases, and in the file catalina.out (i'm running Tomcat 4.1.18, because the webs only needs Tomcat to run) there is this message:

java.sql.SQLException: Communication link failure:, underlying cause: Unexpected end of input stream

Now I know there are several differences between mysql 4.0.21 (lampp 1.4.9a) and mysql 4.1.10 (lampp 1.4.12).
I was reading the articles on, about how to migrate from one version to another, but I think I can't understand very well what I have to do. But I think my problem is with the new password's format.
But even when I run this command, the error continue:

mysql_fix_privilege_tables root_password

So, anyone can tell exactly how to migrate the databases and users from the lampp 1.4.9a to 1.4.12 ??

Thank you very much.
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