MVC Code in PHP5 - Looking for Code Example

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MVC Code in PHP5 - Looking for Code Example

Postby Philip G. Duffy » 01. March 2005 02:49

I have been trying to locate MVC code written in PHP5 that I can use as an example. I have tried the code described in Chapter 13 of Professional PHP 5 by Lecky-Thompson, Eide-Goodman, Nowicki and Cove, but could not get it to work completely in a Windows XP/IIS/MySQL/PHP5 environment. At that point I decided to do a migration to SuSE Linux 9.0/Apache 2/MySQL/PHP5 and selected XAMPP to assure that all of the pieces fit together properly (works so far). However, my main challenge is to get access to some MVC code in PHP5 that works in the XAMPP environment.

1. Does anyone have any experience with the above MVC code?

2. Does anyone have any experience with other MVC that he/she might recommend?

3. Would anyone care to tell me why I am nuts for fooling around with MVC when code can be written in a more straight-forward manner? :-)
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