Php code not running in LAMP stack

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Php code not running in LAMP stack

Postby donato77 » 11. March 2023 19:42

Hello. I'm studying php and learning how to make a simple web form to insert data in mysql db running on localhost. An index.php file exposes fields, and with POST command connects to connect.php file which writes to the db. Under Windosw11 with XAMPP thing works smooth. Under Fedora 37 with LAMPP doesnt' work!! I can run the index.php but the form simply has no reaction: doesn't activate the connect.php, doesn't write to db, simply stucks and url address changes from localhost/opt(/lampp/htdocs/DB01/index.php to localhost/opt(/lampp/htdocs/DB01/connect.php, with blank fields but absolutely nothing changed. Checked listening ports, edited httpd.conf file but have no changes.'s 2 weeks I'm trying everything! Please help me! Thanks
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Re: Php code not running in LAMP stack

Postby Nobbie » 15. March 2023 21:12

donato77 wrote:it's 2 weeks I'm trying everything!

As you already tried "everything", there is nothing left for us. If you really need help, you really should show us the full source code and all access logs and error logs. But if you already tried "everything", i dont have the slightest idea what we could do for you.
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