the ProFTPd function gives me this error some idea

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the ProFTPd function gives me this error some idea

Postby gabriel-1981 » 17. January 2021 04:11

Hello, good night, I am talking to this community about an error that the ftp client has been giving me working from my machine or localhost. is that I was designing my site and I had to change the operating system, go for a deepin but since there I have not been able to work correctly- I work with version 7.4.13- I have the capture but the problem is that I do not understand very well this image upload system, but if they tell me how I have no problem passing the image. Anyway I detail how the error appears and waiting for a response. already grateful
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Re: the ProFTPd function gives me this error some idea

Postby Altrea » 17. January 2021 09:13


Our forum does not provide the possibility to upload an image, but you can upload the image to. Any of the available image hosters on the internet and link the image here.
We don't provide any support via personal channels like PM, email, Skype, TeamViewer!

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