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Xampp not starting

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 10:32
by EaGz
Love the idea of an all in one package, saves alot of time. However, I am having problems starting Xampp. I tried to use the "xampp_start.exe" and "start_without_browser.exe" but it cant seem to get past the "### APACHE + MYSQL IS STARTING NOW ### text when DOS opens to execute xampp. I have also tried just installing the MySQL & Apache services alone; has no errors there but it wont load anothing in the localhost dir (htdocs folder), no browser error shows up either, its just loads & loads :( I checked and yes apache.exe & mysql-nt.exe are both running as tasks.

Open to any suggestions. Thanks.

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 17:41
by fosters
Yeagh, Yeah!

Have the same problem! Looking since 2 days for an answer that could help me... I am using Windows XP Professionel with Service Pack 2...

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 17:44
by Wiedmann
I checked and yes apache.exe & mysql-nt.exe are both running as tasks.

If this is true, XAMPP is running...

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 17:55
by fosters
Ja, das Problem liegt aber darin, dass der XAMPP zwar gestartet ist,
wir aber - wenn wir localhost bzw. aufrufen - keine seite geöffnet kriegen!

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 18:11
by Wiedmann
OK. That's another problem...

Maybe you have a firewall that block all connections, or setup a proxy in the browser settings.

You can test with
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netstat -a -n -o -p tcp | find ""

if Apache is up.

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 18:15
by fosters
i startet the command window and typed in your

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netstat -a -n -o -p tcp | find ""

the text shown to me is:

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 TCP        ABHöREN     3620

is that right?

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 18:19
by Wiedmann

That's right.

tasklist /fi "PID eq 3620"

you can test, if it's really Apache (or with the taskmanager).

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 18:25
by fosters
Komisch, ich habe auch keine Firewall laufen.... Siehe:


Hast du eine andere Idee? Einen Proxy benutze ich nicht. :oops:

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 18:27
by fosters
Or is it possible to "re"-block site from the windows integrated firewall?

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 18:53
by Wiedmann
Or is it possible to "re"-block site from the windows integrated firewall?

Yes. Control panel --> Firewall.

But, local traffic (localhost/ is always allowed.

Apache.exe: CPU = 90

That's not normal. Only during start.

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 19:10
by fosters
uff! i see, what the hell? why? :o

any idea?

PostPosted: 29. January 2005 19:25
by Wiedmann
httpd.conf ("\xampp\apache\conf")
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PostPosted: 30. January 2005 04:07
by EaGz
First, thanks for all the replies to help :)

Wiedmann - I tried the netstat command, but the command doesn't stay open long enough for me to read what it says, it just flashs for mere mili-seconds.

I checked both, McAfee & Windows firewall and both were filtering apache & mysql, so I 'Allowed' them as safe tasks but it still loads for as long as it wants. I understand that if the "apache.exe" & "mysql-net.exe" are running as tasks, techinallay they are running but, sadly not running as they should.

I plan to buy Windows XP Pro (from XP Home) soon and format my HD and try a clean Xampp install; installing it first before my anti-virus. Im confident it will work then. If it does not I will be back.

P.S. I tryed the methods shown here & in 'John M.'s topic but did not succeed :(

- nCrypt Architect