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Problem with greek language

PostPosted: 27. January 2005 14:11
by smartmedia

I have installed XAMPP 1.4.5. and install phpnuke 7.6 on my pc.
The problem i have is that automaticly the xampp change the page code to english en-iso-8859-1 even if i have change it from nuke. To see the right contents of the site i must click right button and change the encoding to greek, and that happens all the time. The same site is uploaded on a server and is working fantastic.
Please any one to help me... How i will change it to greek...???


PostPosted: 27. January 2005 14:22
by Wiedmann
httpd.conf disable ~line 840
(with a "#" in front)
Code: Select all
#AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1

PostPosted: 27. January 2005 21:43
by smartmedia

I was searching one week for this...

Thanks a lot... :D :D :D :D