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Suggestions for Xampp

PostPosted: 26. January 2005 07:16
by Rory Witham
I find the package that you guys have made very good, I took a little time to get some things done but seaming as I have worked the servers in serveral ways I was able to sort it out.

with the openSSL could you not intergrate a SSL cert for making the servers own certificates while intstalling, I think this would help alot of people, although the server name in http and ssl conf would need to be changed I am sure most user could manage that!!

mercury mail.
I have taken a look at the mercury mail packaged with xampp. To be honest, its ot really simple and straight forward to configure. I dont use a domain so DNS look up will not work. and there fore no mail.

As a suggestion, I find that postcast server is very easy to set up, with only a few line to edit and the program works the rest for you.

Its not what I would call small at resource level @ 23K
I thought it would be worth mentioning.