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PostPosted: 22. January 2005 21:43
by Killerfrog

Does someone could tell me if there will be any problem by deleting content of "htdocs"?

I dont like that people going on my server can acess to that repertory (even if there is a password).

Also, I tried to remove all files and put only a empty page named "index.htm" in htdocs, but when I it "http://localhost",i'm still being automatically sent to http://localhost/xampp/splash.php (but file isn't found cause deleted). How can I make xampp discovering my root index.htm in htdocs insteed of automatically calling http://localhost/xampp/splash.php ??


PostPosted: 22. January 2005 21:58
by Wiedmann
Search the forum...
(70 hits in a fast search from me, and google will help to translate. But there are answers in english, too)

PostPosted: 22. January 2005 23:13
by Killerfrog
I found answer to my question :

Seems there is no bug when deleting/moving files in htdocs. In my case I moved them in another rep (hide). I had also to delete cache of my web browser to have the new index.htm refreshed with the good one.