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Postby Troy » 22. January 2005 16:11

I installed Apache on my computer now i'm not sure what to do from here :? Can some one point me in the right direction? :roll:
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Postby adi99 » 23. January 2005 00:42

What do you want to do? (What's you objective?)

Why did you install only apache. If you install xampp, everything is installed (Apache, PHP. mysql)...
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Postby Troy » 23. January 2005 04:09

The ojective is for me to learn to use php and build a site.
I can build a site useing html but it just dont function as well as php.
I have 2 domain with the same host,one i had someone install php nuke and the other i'm useing to learn how to use php and I came accross apache thought I would try it out becouse it installs mysql.
I'm not even sure if i even need another mysql loaded on my site?
Do i need mysql loaded on both domains to run 2 different sites?

Sorry about the 50 questions :roll:
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Postby No-Sense » 23. January 2005 14:05

when you run de xampp_start.exe sql is started automaticly. The only thing you have to do in my opinion is setting up two virtual servers. this can be done by edditing the httpd.conf located in apache/conf directory. this way you can make two completely different sites.
Trying to make a dutch Xampp help guide
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Postby Troy » 24. January 2005 04:32

Where is the apache/conf directory located?
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Postby Dave_L » 24. January 2005 05:13

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Postby Troy » 24. January 2005 07:09

Thanks :D Now what do i edit and what do i put there?
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Multiple Websites

Postby Ande » 02. February 2005 17:19

That is the same question I have.

What do I have to edit or add to the .conf file to be able to create multiple websites?

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