images all messed up.. why?

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images all messed up.. why?

Postby keepsedge » 22. January 2005 03:52

okay, after playing long enough i think i've figured out just how to use xampp. This truely does take alot of the work out of setting up a server.

Instead of the usuall settings, i have configured my httpd.conf so that my server name is my IP adress and not "localhost." That works well adn good, anyone on the internet can see the beta site i have hosted.

Theres one problem with that. the images (all standard .jpg) dont all load properly. They have funny rabowish looking things covering some of them, and some do not load at all.

Here's another problem im having, when I installed Xampp, i started the server, and nothing went wrong. after shuting down the server. and doing a php switch. ((I need to be running 4X)), Now when i start the server, it says that there was a problem conecting to the mysql sever sometimes. and that it can't delete the file.

another issue. If i leave all the security settings alone, everything works perfectly. (i used an install of PhPBB to test this). as soon as I apply a password to the database, and access the forums, I get an error that it can't conect to the database using password YES.

Note that I updated the forums software to use the password I had set.

A final problem, I have mods added to my forums that require me to query the database and add new tables. When I do this onlne There is no problem. But when I query the database that comes with Xampp, It tells me that some of my query is not executable. Or that I have bad syntax somewhere.

I am thinking this last problem is due to an older MySQL database, that doesn't support some of the query strings I enter, and if so, is there a way I can update the database to a newer version?

I know there's a lot there, and I'm gratefull for all the help I hope im going to get.

So Far XAMPP has proven to be a great program, an despite problems Im having.. at least it works.. kinda. and Im still happy. I just hope I can get all this stuff fixed.

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Postby thablkpanda » 04. June 2005 00:01

I'm having exact same image problem as thread starter, I hope someone can help me resolve this. I've tried several previous methods...

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