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Apache does strange stuff....

PostPosted: 19. January 2005 14:58
by Maarten
Hi, first of all, my apologies, my german isn't that good...

I have a problem with my apache, that drives me mad.

I can start apache, when I type "apache" in the bin directory of the installation, no problem there, everything works as it should.

When I try to start the service, it starts to go wrong. Windows says the program has generated "a" error. Error number 1 to be precise. But I can't find where it went wrong! I just reinstalled my apache server, and it still gives me the same error.

apache version: 2.0.52
WIN NT 2000 5.00.2195 SP4

PostPosted: 19. January 2005 15:01
by Wiedmann
Look into the Windows event log.