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trouble w/ others viewing my site

PostPosted: 19. January 2005 01:37
by SpiceLMF
hi all. I just installed apachefriends and it works fine when i try to view pages yet when others they get an error saying "The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. " I thought it was possibly a firewall problem... yet when my firewall is turned off nothing changes.

I have to change my port to 12 because my internet service blocks 80.. i think i changed all i need to but it's still not working.. any ideas?

PostPosted: 19. January 2005 02:07
by SpiceLMF
i figured it out.. my isp at home blocks port 80 so i use 12.. but at school everything but 80 is blocked

now does anyone know a way that if a person goes to the port 12 address that they will be redirected or brought to a page that tells them they have the wrong address

like if they go to that they will get to a page telling them to go to Thanks for any help

PostPosted: 22. January 2005 11:49
by No-Sense
it should run fine at port 80. Maybe you are behind a router or something so you have to pen that port