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problem setting up mercury mail server

PostPosted: 17. January 2005 21:35
by Kroesss

I'm kinda new at the whole mailserver-thing, but I'm trying to set Mercury up anyway. I've obtained a mailserver ( that points to my ip-address. I also got a MX-record ( that points to the mailserver with preference 10. So far so good as I'm told.

The problem is that the server can't be reached... When I try to send a mail to, I just get a mail back that says the server couldn't be reached and the operation timed out. Where do I set all the domain-names in Mercury?

PostPosted: 18. January 2005 00:21
by taustin
It would seem that your DNS and MX records are set correctly, and propagated.

It would appear that your server is not responding to incoming connections. This is not a problem in Mercury's domain settings, as it does not get to the point of checking them.

Are you, by any chance, running Windows XP with SP2 installed? If so, have you opened up port 25 on the firewall to allow incoming connections?

If not, what OS are you running, and what, if any, firewall programs are you using?

PostPosted: 18. January 2005 08:30
by Kroesss
I'm running WinXP Pro SP1, and I have Zonealarm installed for firewall. I also tried mailing myself with Zonealarm shut down, but there's no response. I'm not behind a router or anything, The computer is connected directly to the cable-modem.

PostPosted: 18. January 2005 17:54
by taustin
If you're certain no firewalls are active, I'm not sure what to suggest. I can't connect to your machine on port 25, so something is keeping it from accepting incoming connections. Maybe you should check with your ISP to see if they're blocking incoming port 25 connections.

PostPosted: 18. January 2005 18:18
by Kroesss
Just checked everything and my provider is blocking port 25 indeed...

Guess I can stop trying to get the mailserver to work then, thanks for the help anyway!