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Postby Killerfrog » 22. January 2005 18:51

something else,

if http://localhost/ doesnt work (after starting both service), stop services and goes in httpd.conf (C:\apachefriends\xampp\apache\conf) and modify line "#listen 80" to "listen 8080", restart both services and try http://localhost:8080/.
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Postby JohnM » 22. January 2005 19:37

Second point first. Yes have changed the conf file to read listen8080 all to no avail.
First Point.
When I try to install Apache as a service I get the following in the cmd window:
"Installing Alache as a service
Now we Start Apache2
'net' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Press any key to continue....."
I press a key and the window closes.
Back to square 1 again.
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Postby Killerfrog » 22. January 2005 20:00


I see only two possible reasons:

1. You tought you did manual setup? I did Automatic setup with windows setup of xampp. Mabye you could try the automatic version?!?!
2. I read before you're running windows 98. Mabye Xampp isn't compatible with windows 98? (don't have the answer to that question)

Also you could ask to a friend of yours that may help you in "realtime". Or I suggest also you try to install it on a windows XP machine to see if it's an error you are doing ( because my server works on windows Xp machine; also note that windows Xp is a lot more stable than win 98), or if there is really a bug with the current version. Mabye one more hint, are all your windows updates done?

Good luck
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Postby Wiedmann » 22. January 2005 20:05

2. I read before you'r running windows 98. mabye Xampp isn't compatible with windows 98?

XAMPP is working. But you can not install the services on Win98.

'net' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Press any key to continue....."

You have a Windows without any network configuration?

If not, you have a problem with your Windows installation...
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Postby Killerfrog » 22. January 2005 20:11

I found a partial answer to my question :

"For all NT/2000 users, in both packages you will find the install and uninstall files to build all servers as services in the respective directories." (http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html) This means there is no service in Windows 98. So you probably have to start manualy the server. You can do that by going xampp folder and click "xampp_start.exe". Note that you can't close cmd browser that will be opened. If you were using service, it would have work "silently" but because you do manual start, you have to let the cmd opened for having the server running.

One more thing. After it will be started, windows explorer will open to this page : file:///c:/apachefriends/xampp/install/start.html
change it to
because you use port 8080.

If everything works with 8080 you could go back to 80 later, because 80 is the defaul port and always have to write down 8080 is a little boring.
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Postby Rory Witham » 26. January 2005 06:44

By the look of it, the port wasnt asign correctly, you wrote which is wrong and should be or instead of the you should have your exsternal IP address.

BT do lock out alot of the ports, there as a few places where you need eto check the Port asignment (2 places) in the HTTPD conf file, open it in notepad.

you may find port 8080 is alos not available with BT, you may have to use certain other ports. It would also be worth checking the firewall settings and the router setting in the router supplied by BT.

At GTWCMT we sell routers that will work on the BT network, they offer port forwarding and domain asigning so you can run the server on a port 80 on your computer but have it pointed to 65980 (for example) you can use DNS forwarding to get your system working but it is a matter of configuring all your hardware to work.

if your looking for a simple HTML server that only supports PHP (after you install it) then try the abyss server. it lacks in many ways but then it runs very small on the system which is why i have both running on my server.

If you require assistance I would be happy to provide it. I am also from the UK Im sure you will find us by the business name.... We also do the training.

anyway Im just having an issue with the mail server so im off to find some info on that.
Rory Witham
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Postby JohnM » 26. January 2005 11:06

Many, many thanks. Downloaded Abyss, installed it. Absolutely no problems. It is woking perfectly. I have already tested 5 PHP pages. It is doing everything I ask of it and more. I think you're right as far as BT is concerned. I am in the process of changing my Broadband supplier and I need to do a complete format of my whole system as well. When this is completed (about two weeks) I will give XAMPP another go. I'm sure I was doing everything right and I am now equally sure that there is nothing wring with the programme.
Thanks again, I can now clear my backlog and get on with the "exciting" project of formatting the hard drive and loading and configuring all my progs. and peripherals. (Mr Babbage has a lot to answer for - me thinks!)
Best Regards
John Mitchell
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Re: Absolutely Desperate Newbie

Postby marion » 27. January 2005 23:51

JohnM wrote:Sorry to be a nuisance on my first visit.
I have downloaded and installed XAMPP via the "installer" option . All seemed well. If I try to start Apache or MySQL with the .bat files, The window opens then closes within a split second. Just can't get any further.

hi john m
i had the same problem as you when atttempting to begin.
1 you are not a nuisance and we are not either, we are all in the same boat.

2 there is a missing step in the step-by-step instructions. i have added it in my copy of the instructions.
see below. i will post this also to the friends somewhere.

with respect from marion

Step 1: Unpack the package into a directory of your choice. Please start the
"setup_xampp.bat" and beginning the installation. Note: xampp makes no
entries in the windows registry and no settings for the system variables.

Step 2: If installation ends successfully, start the Apache 2 with
"apache_start".bat", MySQL with "mysql_start".bat". Stop the MySQL
Server with "mysql_stop.bat". For shutdown the Apache HTTPD, only
close the Apache Command (CMD).


Step 3: Start your browser and type or
http://localhost in the location bar. You should see our pre-made
start page with certain examples and test screens.

Step 4: PHP (with mod_php, as *.php, *.php4, *.php3, *.phtml), Perl
by default with *.cgi, SSI with *.shtml are all located in
=> \...\xampplite\htdocs\.
Beispiele (Examples):
=> \...\xampplite\htdocs\test.php => http://localhost/test.php
=> \...\xampplite\myhome\test.php => http://localhost/myhome/test.php

Step 5: XAMPP UNINSTALL? Simply remove the "xampplite" Directory.
But before please shutdown the apache and mysql.
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Postby JohnM » 28. January 2005 09:43

Thanks for that. I will give it a go when my new BB connection is working and I have finished my system rehash. I was installing the full XAMPP program but from your copy of the instructions it looks like you have the Lite version?
P.S. Nice to recieve such a friendly posting.
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Postby JohnM » 07. February 2005 13:07

Have now succeeded!!! I formatted the hard drive - reloaded everything. Loaded the install version and Hey presto! all worked perfectly. The only change I made was to use a different Virus Checker than Norton Anti-Virus and personal Firewall. I'm now on AVG and Zone Alarm. This may be the answer, I don't really know. The main thing is I can now get down to th main task of learning PHP and MySQL!!!!!!!
Thanks a bunch to all who helped.
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Postby Jacky Kenna » 18. April 2005 15:55


scares the **** out of me as I am even more of a newbie than anyone involved in the above discussions. I have I believe downloaded xampp-win32-1.4.13-installer.exe and installed the same using the windows wizard to install. I have in MYSQL and Apache run their checks and all seems OK.

I had tried various bundles from other groups before which did not go so well. I add this here so that anyone reading this does not get too frightened. I use the word frightened because like me your machines may do other things and be central to your business so it is a risk.

Jacky Kenna
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