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AMFPHP and XAMPP 1.4.11

PostPosted: 15. January 2005 12:24
by malyzaki

AMFPHP is another open source (from source forge) package that provides Flash remoting by adding (not installing) few classes. It worked fine on XAMPP 1.4.9 but in 1.4.11 version it returns no results-is just not working

can anyone tell me what could it be ? I know that I'm alittle bit too general not providing info about that AMF:(

PostPosted: 15. January 2005 12:42
by Wiedmann
Thirst, i have no knowledge about this software/classes.

Did you have version 1.0 of AMFPHP or an older one?

1.0 is the first version with PHP5 support (they hope *g*) --> try switching to PHP4 with "php-switch.bat" ("\xampp").

PostPosted: 15. January 2005 16:29
by malyzaki
As far as i know the 1.0 is still not released.
I tried that PHP switch butdidnt helpor maybe i have done sth wrong I'll check it once more ...

thx for reply

PostPosted: 15. January 2005 23:44
by malyzaki
I'm so ashamed! I tried that PHP switch some time before, tested and it didn't work......It appears like I had to make it in wrong way(still don't know how I could make any mistake in running .bat file ..... :shock: )

... anyway I tried it once more to be sure like U adviced me and it works :D