I need PPM! It's all screwed up! Help!

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I need PPM! It's all screwed up! Help!

Postby newreality » 15. January 2005 12:04

I have read many other threads in this forum, and searched google, and I can't get ppm to work. I'm on windows xp using the zip install of xampp. I have tried editing several of the relevant config files because, for some weird reason, "c:" was appended before all my paths. I fixed that, and when I try to install perlmagick, ppm says "no suitable installation target found for package Image-Magick." I can't find anything on Google that says how to tell ppm where the correct paths are to install packages! Lots of people have this problem, and it's a known bug with xampp!

Please, if anyone can help. Also, to the wonderful people who make xampp, please please please fix ppm! It's like having windows without windows update, or linux without aptget or similar. Please! The response on this board has been disappointing so far. It seems that people don't take this problem seriously, or are not seriously considering this as a necessary fix to xampp. IT IS! :) xampp is supposed to be friendly - I think it's almost 100% friendly. Keep up the good work!
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Postby Wiedmann » 15. January 2005 12:30

The easiest way is to delete the content of "\xampp\perl" and install ActivePerl from ActiveState at this location instead.

and I can't get ppm to work.

Any error messages while using ppm (without your modifications)?
--> eg: "No installlocation found"

ppm need at least one entry in the Windows registry to work.
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something worked

Postby newreality » 18. January 2005 20:12

thanks for the tips. something worked. I'm doing more testing to see what exactly the problem was, but for now, it's ok.

I still hope apache friends will fix the problems with ppm!
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Postby argie01 » 16. December 2005 12:34

I did a post here because I also have a similar problem to above.
But after add this code to registry:

"InstallLocation"="C:\\Archivos de programa\\xampp\\perl\\bin"

I get this error:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador>ppm
"C:\Archivos" no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo,
programa o archivo por lotes ejecutable.

Translation: "C:\Program Files is not an internal or external command, or a batch file.

Could you help me, please ? Thank you !
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