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MySQLAdmin not working, using XAMPP 1.4.11, on port 81

PostPosted: 14. January 2005 16:03
by elkodesign
Anyone please help,

I use XAMPP 1.4.11 but MySQLAdmin is not working properly.

I downloaded the zipfile for XAMPP 1.4.11 and copied the contents to my harddisk.

I changed the 'httpd.conf'-file because I want the server to be running on port 81. (I did the same in previous versions).

Do I need to change more settings? Because when I switched everything back to port 80 everything works fine!

PostPosted: 14. January 2005 19:02
by Wiedmann
I downloaded the zipfile for XAMPP 1.4.11

What is the filesize or md5sum from the zipfile.

PostPosted: 16. January 2005 18:52
by elkodesign
60.164.868 bytes. Why?

PostPosted: 16. January 2005 19:27
by Wiedmann
60.164.868 bytes

that's the correct size --> link

phpMyAdmin have a bug with non-standard ports. But in the newest XAMPP, there is a patch to correct this problem.

I use XAMPP 1.4.11 but MySQLAdmin is not working properly

Can you explain this more detailed?

PostPosted: 16. January 2005 21:17
by elkodesign
The frameset of phpMyAdmin loads but i quess that the stylesheets aren't loaded because the user interface is garbled. Also no images are displayed. Weird though is that the list of databases is filled properly.

When i use the databases in my sites, there's no problem.

I'll check your link though for more information.

PostPosted: 16. January 2005 21:38
by Wiedmann
Hmm. that sounds like an unpatched phpMyAdmin or a wrong XAMPP zipfile.

Can you give me the filesize/date from the file "common.lib.php" ("\xampp\phpmyadmin\libraries")?

Did you have this problem with "http://localhost/phpmyadmin" and/or " http://servername/phpmyadmin"?

PostPosted: 17. January 2005 10:25
by elkodesign
You're right! It is the 'common.lib.php'.

I must have mixed up things.
I downloaded the zipfile first, installed it and found out things didn't work properly. Then downloaded the zipfile again to check if I had the same version. I gave you (wrong :oops: ) information about the last one.

The version information is misleading, I think. Cause something did change :x .

Thanks for you're help though! My problem is solved! :D