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php nuke

PostPosted: 13. January 2005 16:59
by menyrupe
Does anyone know how to setup php nuke on this? I know nothing about this server all I have ran on it before is a html site. I dont know how to configure php nuke to work with the mysql. Maybe a little info or a step by step of installing php nuke into xampp would be nice thanks.

PostPosted: 13. January 2005 17:10
by Wiedmann

PostPosted: 14. January 2005 01:36
by menyrupe
Hey thanks for the link I found a link to a program called apache2triad on that site that has everything xampp has plus more and has a way better interface. I installed php nuke on it with no problems. :lol:

p.s. thier support forums are all in english so you might be more apt to get help thier.