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Apache shutsdown when trying to get data via ODBC

PostPosted: 12. January 2005 10:13
by BorO

I need som help to find my troublemaker. I'm running the latest XAMPP on WindowsXP.

After installing XAMP I tried to run my PHP script that connects to an ODBC source and lists some data nad it works. But after erstarting XAMPP first time I get APACHE errors. A window popsUp with following message:
I'm translating swedish :)

Wrong application apache.exe, version, wrong modul unknown, version, wrong adress 0x0599aa50.

I'm getting that every time I'm trying to run the script.
Remember, everithing works fine after new install ox XAMPP, bat after restarting it once the apache starts to generate the error message.

I hope someone can help.

Best regards, Boris

PostPosted: 12. January 2005 10:16
by BorO
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# ansluter till databasen

if (!$conn)
   # gick inte att ansluta
   exit("Kunde inte ansluta till databasen: " . $conn);

# stänger ner anslutningen

It seems to work fine without closing the connection on end but isn't that wrong?

Please help!