can't connect to mysql after setting password on XAMPP

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can't connect to mysql after setting password on XAMPP

Postby dizid » 11. January 2005 22:41


winammp works great, until i set the username/password for 'XAMPP DIRECTORY PROTECTION (.htaccess)'. After that phpadmin not working anymore, i get "can't conncectto mysql" errors.

I tried configuring but this didn't work.
I re-installed XAMPP and the same happens: at first everything works fine until i put password on XAMPP.

Any help appreciated,

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Postby AAA » 14. January 2005 06:20

I had the same problem and I had to uninstall Xampp various times until I got it set up correctly so try setting up:

1- the superuser : root with its new password
2- PHPmyAdmin user and password
3- Xampp user and password then stop the appache server and restart it

after loggin in the XAmpp console and then the PHPmy admin console you should set up the new password for the users of my SQL data base.

Hope this helps
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