Thank You.

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Thank You.

Postby danialo81 » 10. January 2005 02:22

I just wanted to say thanks to those of you involved in the creation of XAMPP. I really appreciate your work. XAMPPs exceptional ease and next to nill maintenance make it an ideal package for me to test scripts and new page designs prior to uploading to my website. Especially considering that I'm just learning PHP and the CSS syntax.

So, Thanks Again. :)
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Postby Dave_L » 10. January 2005 16:41

Me too. :D

I'm happy with XAMPP too (both the Windows and Linux versions).

It was easy to install, and so far, it's met all my needs.
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Postby thekingofcaseys » 09. March 2005 07:23

Ill agree but an easy to use email server would be a great dont you think mercury is not the easiest of programme to use and if it is i must be reding the manual for my kettle.....Because i dont get anything
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Postby prathapml » 11. March 2005 23:15

To everybody who works on XAMPP, and all the testers....
FANTASTIC! You've done a great job. :D

Hmm.... Mercury has a lot of power and ease-of-use. Dunno why its not easy to use for you, but once you take a look at sendmail, Qmail, Mdaemon, PostCast, etc., you might start to like Mercury. ;)
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