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Proposing addition of Perlinfo

PostPosted: 07. January 2005 21:44
by chanio

I have found a brand new 'must have' perl module for XAMPP!

Please, check at and you'll see a very similar visual version of PHPinfo but with xampp's installed perl values.

If you'ved ever thought like me in finding a constant simetry between PHP and perl, this is it!

To use it, just copy the plain text file Perlinfo.PM into the /perl/lib/PHP/Perlinfo.PM and it is going to be instantly working like this...
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perl -MPHP::Perlinfo -e"perlinfo();" >myPhpPerlinfo.html

Then, just redirect to that new page (myPhpPerlinfo.html), and you'll see the famous PHPinfo page but with perl content in it.