Xampplite will not error to log or screen for PHP5 strict

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Xampplite will not error to log or screen for PHP5 strict

Postby carl_mcdade » 04. January 2005 00:30

I am trying to produce the "empty value error" in PHP 5 strict mode but Xampplite with PHP5.03 is not cooperating and changes to the PHP.ini file go ignored.


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    $country->name = FALSE;


Should produce an object creation from empty value error. but it does not. I ahve have even tried tor force errors and notices and gotten nothing from PHP 5 strict mode.
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Postby carl_mcdade » 04. January 2005 00:43

My php.ini settings.

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error_reporting  =  E_ALL | E_STRICT

; Print out errors (as a part of the output).  For production web sites,
; you're strongly encouraged to turn this feature off, and use error logging
; instead (see below).  Keeping display_errors enabled on a production web site
; may reveal security information to end users, such as file paths on your Web
; server, your database schema or other information.
display_errors = On

; Even when display_errors is on, errors that occur during PHP's startup
; sequence are not displayed.  It's strongly recommended to keep
; display_startup_errors off, except for when debugging.
display_startup_errors = Off

; Log errors into a log file (server-specific log, stderr, or error_log (below))
; As stated above, you're strongly advised to use error logging in place of
; error displaying on production web sites.
log_errors = On

; Set maximum length of log_errors. In error_log information about the source is
; added. The default is 1024 and 0 allows to not apply any maximum length at all.
log_errors_max_len = 1024

; Do not log repeated messages. Repeated errors must occur in same file on same
; line until ignore_repeated_source is set true.
ignore_repeated_errors = Off

; Ignore source of message when ignoring repeated messages. When this setting
; is On you will not log errors with repeated messages from different files or
; sourcelines.
ignore_repeated_source = Off

; If this parameter is set to Off, then memory leaks will not be shown (on
; stdout or in the log). This has only effect in a debug compile, and if
; error reporting includes E_WARNING in the allowed list
report_memleaks = On

; Store the last error/warning message in $php_errormsg (boolean).
track_errors = Off

; Disable the inclusion of HTML tags in error messages.
html_errors = On

; If html_errors is set On PHP produces clickable error messages that direct
; to a page describing the error or function causing the error in detail.
; You can download a copy of the PHP manual from http://www.php.net/docs.php
; and change docref_root to the base URL of your local copy including the
; leading '/'. You must also specify the file extension being used including
; the dot.
;docref_root = /phpmanual/
;docref_ext = .html

; String to output before an error message.
;error_prepend_string = "<font color=ff0000>"

; String to output after an error message.
;error_append_string = "</font>"

; Log errors to specified file.
error_log = E:\xampplite\apache\logs\phperror.log

; Log errors to syslog (Event Log on NT, not valid in Windows 95).
;error_log = syslog
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Postby Wiedmann » 04. January 2005 01:16

Did you edit the right "php.ini" (look in phpinfo) and restart Apache?
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Postby carl_mcdade » 04. January 2005 09:59

Wiedmann wrote:Did you edit the right "php.ini" (look in phpinfo) and restart Apache?

jeez how of them are there ;) 3? Found the right one.

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