Cannot find server or DNS

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Cannot find server or DNS

Postby trevor4370 » 31. December 2004 05:16

I am running Windows XP (sp2) with ZonlAlarm Firewall. I have been using XAMPP for a long time now and all of a sudden I had to keep rebooting it as it would not find the localhost page, or any pages for that matter. I upgraded to xampp-win32-1.4.11.

Now the server can not be found, I have it in root (c:\xampp). Everything seems to be OK.

Ports seems OK

C:\>fport /p
FPort v2.0 - TCP/IP Process to Port Mapper
Copyright 2000 by Foundstone, Inc.

Pid Process Port Proto Path
308 FileZillaServer-> 21 TCP C:\xampp\FileZillaFTP\FileZillaServer.exe
2092 apache -> 80 TCP C:\xampp\apache\bin\apache.exe
1228 -> 135 TCP
4 System -> 139 TCP
2092 apache -> 443 TCP C:\xampp\apache\bin\apache.exe
4 System -> 445 TCP
2796 -> 1026 TCP
3528 iexplore -> 1048 TCP C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore
2100 mysqld -> 3306 TCP C:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqld.exe
308 FileZillaServer-> 14147 TCP C:\xampp\FileZillaFTP\FileZillaServer.exe

4 System -> 123 UDP
2100 mysqld -> 123 UDP C:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqld.exe
0 System -> 137 UDP
0 System -> 138 UDP
308 FileZillaServer-> 445 UDP C:\xampp\FileZillaFTP\FileZillaServer.exe
2092 apache -> 500 UDP C:\xampp\apache\bin\apache.exe
1228 -> 1027 UDP
2092 apache -> 1031 UDP C:\xampp\apache\bin\apache.exe
2092 apache -> 1032 UDP C:\xampp\apache\bin\apache.exe
2796 -> 1045 UDP
3528 iexplore -> 1046 UDP C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore
308 FileZillaServer-> 1900 UDP C:\xampp\FileZillaFTP\FileZillaServer.exe
0 System -> 1900 UDP
4 System -> 4500 UDP


Also for info

Diese Eingabeforderung nicht waehrend des Runnings beenden ...
Zum stoppen bitte die xampp_stop benutzen!
Please do not close this window while running ...
Use the xampp_stop for shutdown!

Please wait [Bitte warten] ...



Has anybody go some suggestions, I love xampp and use if for testing Mambo, seem very lost without it :-).

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Postby trevor4370 » 31. December 2004 06:22

Just to let you know ...

I tried to telnet into localhost but could not ...

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\>telnet loclhost 80
Connecting To loclhost...Could not open connection to the host, on port 80: Conn
ect failed

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Postby BMF » 31. December 2004 17:38


the ZoneAlarm Firewall is not good with XAMPP, please download KERIO Firwall, because you get problems with ZoneAlarm and XAMPP.

you open you localhost site with http://localhost, but when you have ZoneAlarm running, you can't open the site, because the firewall blocked this site....that was by me...

sorry, but my english is terrible :D

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Problem Fixed

Postby trevor4370 » 01. January 2005 07:30

I have finally fixed the problem (after many hours of frustrating work and research …. Even sneaking out to the office on New Years night ….. you know what it is like). I had an idea it was a firewall problem, but I have never had a problem with ZoneAlarm before. I disabled it and still nothing. I then did a bit more checking around the Forum and read somewhere about Panda Antivirus .... I had tried a trial version a few weeks before (silly thing to do). I did uninstall it but it did not uninstall everything, I found a file called PavLsp.dll it left behind in Program Files and I could not uninstall it. I come across a little program called lspfix, downloaded, installed and ran it .... I then uninstalled Xampp and reinstalled it again ..... Everything runs fine now.

Apparently Panda has a firewall built in, nasty little thing it is ... I also had to delete a few registry entries manually, not sure if this helped, but I can now run xampp .... so I am happy again, and so is my wife :-)

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Postby Rory Witham » 26. January 2005 07:06

I thought XPSP2 firewall need to be configured to allow port 80 access, its under the firewall settings in the control pannel.

I would say kero (or what was suggested) is good, after testing it I found that it failed my tests (i do internet security) You could try personal firewall by sygate. it has rules that you can set up, so its quite good.

You may wnat to change the server conf, to run on your exsteral IP that the local host, although it will still work.
Rory Witham
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