root dir and such

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root dir and such

Postby keepsedge » 24. December 2004 14:26

err I don sapose anyone speaks english on this board?
I need help and english is all iknow
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Postby Wiedmann » 24. December 2004 15:36

And what is your problem?
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Postby keepsedge » 24. December 2004 18:13

bah never mind now, i managed to fnialy get a "regular version" of apache working on my PC.

My problem was just about everything with the XAMPP program, seemed like i could not access to anyfile that i put in the root dir. Kept geting 404's

Anyway my conserns now shifted as with apache now runing icant get my PhPBB forums to install on my PC... IE just displays the source code. Its not being parsed, kinda agrivating me.


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root is two things

Postby chanio » 27. December 2004 02:58

:lol: Hi,
You should use Xampp, it's the easiest distro for windows (and most complete).
You should know this, first:
There are two meanings for root.
If you are refering to the place where you installed Xampp and are using the command line or something outside your http: address, root is the first folder called XAMPP\ .
But if you refer to the root of the http: address, say
Code: Select all

or simply
Code: Select all

in your html page, then you are refering to the physical folder at XAMPP\HTDOCS . Ok?
If you are calling a xampp.bat file at the root , then you are calling it with the command line or with a folder outside your server. It must be at XAMPP\xampp.bat .
But your http:// addressed would never access that file, because it is much lower that XAMPP\HTDOCS . That is for security reasons. You are only going to be able to call things that are at least at XAMPP\HTDOCS , that is, http://localhost . Or above.
Besides, there is only one other folder that could be accessed with any Apache. It is the XAMPP\CGI-BIN . That is the place to put your perl scripts. PHP is able to be run from any folder in your XAMPP\HTDOCS and above.
Hope it helps!
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Postby keepsedge » 27. December 2004 16:47

Yeah i had that much, i just couldnt figure out were the root directory was.. i found it.. or rather edited the httpd.conf file to my new root dir. Im accually tring to change a feew things so it goes to my IP address and not localhost as that way I'll be able accually host a website from my PC. I have already found taht this creats major security issues. but heh.. im working on beefing up security.

Thx for the help guys.

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